Social Trading

What is Social Trading?

Imagine if Warren Buffett took control of your investment and traded your capital on the exact same financial assets that he trades. You would probably be quite satisfied with the results.
And although getting Mr. Buffett to manage your portfolio is rather unrealistic, a new social trading platform could be your next best option.

Social Trading is a great new way for those new to trading to enjoy financial success by outsourcing their trades and guesswork to the experts. Social Trading is a new platform offered by Zurich Prime that allows any trader at any level to subcontract their trading decisions to the pros.

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How it works

1. Select a pro trader with an impressive track record
2. Click on their profile
3. Watch all of your trades mirror those of the financial expert you selected in real-time
4. Wait for results

With Social Trading, you can attach your account to that of a financial expert, stop or switch to another trader at any time you wish. Social Trading also gives you the flexibility to end your selection at any time and either enjoy your results or latch onto the account of another financial expert’s trades.

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Why Social Trading?

Instead of spending sleepless nights tracking financial trends, let those with a successful track record do it for you. More benefits of Social Trading:

  • No need to master finances to be successful
  • Ability to choose who manages your portfolio
  • The ability to compare different top traders based on past success
  • Continue your relationship or switch financial experts at any time

Thanks to Zurich Prime’s new Social Trading platform, there is no need to stress out about what asset to trade and when.
With social trading, the financial experts will gladly do it all for you.

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