Crypto gains shock the market

Bitcoin is Back Big!

King of crypto proves yet again that it is the undoubted ruler of trading opportunities.
Lucky for us, it isn’t too late to catch the premier digital currency’s rally with a few smart trades!

This Opportunity is Yours to Snatch!

BTC surged more than 10% in its biggest daily gain since April, bringing the cryptocurrency back above $7,000
for the first time in over a month. More importantly, BTC/USD traded above its 50-day moving average,
a major positive indicator for additional gains.


There’s No Time to be Wasting

While the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq gained 0.2-0.5%, bitcoin gained 10.7% – and still going!
Hurry-up & take a mouthful of a bite, before there are only crumbs left…


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