CFD (Contract for Difference) is a tradable contract between a client and a broker to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract. Zurich Prime investors can use CFDs to speculate on future movement of market prices, without actually owning the underlying asset.

Zurich Prime traders have a chance to take advantage in both rising and falling markets: profitable CFD trades can be achieved in a rising market by buying (going long) a CFD, or in a falling market, by selling (going short) a CFD.

As an investor, you can also use CFDs as a way of hedging your existing portfolio through periods of short-term volatility.

At Zurich Prime we offer CFDs on a wide array of assets, including Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Brent, Natural Gas, Coffee, Sugar, Copper, Dax, CAC, FTS, DOW, NSDQ, S&P 500 and many more.

ZURICH PRIME’s traders can close their positions throughout the set time-frame until the expiry
date and have full control over their investments.

Please notice: Approximately 3-5 days before the contract is due to expire, a new CFD contract will open.

During the overlap time of the two ongoing contracts, it will be impossible for traders to open new positions on the CFD contract which is due to expire.


  • Large variety of instruments in all major markets
  • No commissions, No fees, Tight spreads
  • Real time price quotes
  • Real time market data
  • Free world-class educational material
  • Up to 1:100 leverage