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Google: Still The Best Bet In The Internet Industry?

If there were one tech company whose service you could not
live without, which company would it be? Bingo.
Founded in 1998, Google (GOOGL) is an unconventional company
with a huge influence on our online lives, primarily focused
around key areas, such as search, advertising, operating systems
and platforms, enterprise and hardware products.

As advertising continues to shift online, new and richer ad formats,
increased traffic, global expansion, more advertisers, and an increased
user base should all contribute to Google’s success, with emerging
markets offering large growth potential as many consumers there have
yet to shift online.

Will Google continue to find new revenue streams and acquire the right
companies to offset slowing growth rates? Boasting improving financials,
reasonable valuations and even a driverless car in the works and with a
ton of cash to pull it off, the future potential for Google looks bright.

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