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Trade the Monthly OPEC Oil Report & Urgent Turkish Elections

That’s right, this month is double the chance, and our traders are welcome to take their trading endeavors onto higher ROIs.

The upcoming OPEC 6-month Oil Market Report is about to take place on June 22, followed by pressing Turkish elections, only 2 days after, on June 24.
This combination may potentially enable you handsome returns on your current trading, which is massively leveraged by blazing benefits, pulled out of Zurich Prime’s hat.


What’s boiling on Zurich Prime?
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Friday, 22 June: The OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report

The report covers major issues affecting the world oil market and provides an outlook for crude oil market developments and prices for the coming year.
As 13 OPEC nations discuses oil outputs, there is much to look forward to.

Sunday, 24 June: Turkish General Elections

As Turkish economy presents down-falling currency, state elections are set earlier by prime minister Erdogan, prior to what was initially anticipated,
in order to motivate relief. The effects on global financial market will put this threesome $/€/₺ right on center stage.

Why should you be interested?

  • Turkish elections will affect regional and global economy
  • OPEC nations represent around 40% of the world’s oil supply
  • Turkish lira volatility impacts market dynamics
  • Oil price predictions plus Erdogan’s decision will generate paramount outcomes for asset trading


Trade ahead of OPEC announcement and Turkish elections, to grab advantage of potential upcoming dramatic moves in the market.

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